Thursday, 29 October 2015

'Free Forever' 2DVD Set - Hidden Content.


'Hidden Footage'.

Andy Fraser promo films.

A number of people have asked me exactly where these tracks are hidden on the Free Forever DVD, so, here goes… I know this works on the original 2DVD set but I'm not sure about any re-issues.

Load disc one of the set.
Go to ‘The Freelist’ from the first menu, then press ‘Play All’ from the ‘Freelist’ menu. You’ll find the promotional film for ‘Healing Hands’ and concert footage of ‘Standing At Your Window’ both from Andy’s ‘Naked… And Finally Free’ album right at the end. These can only be accessed from this ‘Play all’ menu. You will also find the complete Ealing College footage here unedited and uncut. A joyous 20 minutes even without sound! Hope you enjoy them.

This information was originally printed on page 2 of FAS issue #113.

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